Tips To Successfully Sell An Old House

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Tips To Successfully Sell An Old House

Tips To Successfully Sell An Old House

There are a few different kinds of buyers who can buy an old house. Fix and flip investors are the most common, but you may also be able to sell your home to remodelers who are ready to spend money on it.

In a buyers’ market, it’s important to price your old house at a level that will attract buyers. This is usually 15 to 20 percent lower than the home’s original list price.

The key to determining the best price is to take into account your local real estate market and other factors that impact prices. For example, your home’s lot size and location can make a big difference in the sales price.

You should describe all of the top features your home has in your listing, including great views, a fireplace, closet space, master suite, garage space, big storage, an open floor plan and some other things that appeal to potential buyers. It’s also a good idea to talk about the neighborhood’s amenities and schools.

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You can help your home sell by ensuring that it’s clean, free of clutter and in tip-top shape. Remove dead plants from the yard and trim shrubs to give the front of the house a fresher look. Paint the exterior to brighten up your property and turn on some lights, too.

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance and providing inspection reports can help buyers feel comfortable making an offer. You should also have receipts and warranties for any major purchases of appliances or materials.

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