The Meaning of the Number 5555 – What Are the Odds?

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The number ” 555″ is one of the most mysterious numbers in the world. It has eluded explanation for years. This number represents an indecipherable code that scientists have been trying to crack for nearly sixty years now. Despite this, a great deal of interest still exists in the meaning of the number and what it could mean. Even though there have been many theories developed over the years, no one seems to have any real answers to the question of what the ” 555″ means. Read more

Is the 555 Number Meaning Stacked Up To Make A Meaning Or Just Odd?

The first theory which is the closest to the true meaning of the ” 555″ is that it stands for “pleasure.” Many people believe that the number ” 555″ is a reference to the famous series of phone numbers known as the ” lottery ” series. The series was named after the owner’s son, who got the idea when he saw a bunch of telephone numbers on a pizza cut. According to his theory, the numbers referred to the lottery winnings.

Another theory which has some merit is that the “55” number combination stands for “beautiful women.” This came about because the star sign is associated with women. When you add the two together, you get “beautiful woman,” a phrase that is often used in reference to famous actresses and singers. Some believe that the “55” number meaning is that of “lucky number,” and that there are some lucky numbers which come up three fives more often than others. These lucky numbers, they say, are also representative of important events in the life of a person.

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