The Growing Gaming Industry in Thailand

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Whether it’s shooting games, role playing games, or simulation games, the gaming industry in Thailand is a thriving industry. Several factors drive the growth of the sector. The country’s government has been supportive of the industry’s development. The country is one of the fastest-growing video game markets in Southeast Asia.

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Thailand’s gaming industry is expected to earn more than $2 billion by 2025. According to gaming research company NewZoo, Thailand’s gaming industry is ranked as the 20th largest gaming market in the world.

Thailand has 28 million gamers, with 1.2 million “hard core” gamers. Most of the gaming community is composed of urbanites aged 16 to 44. เกมดีที่สุด https:/

Most gamers play mobile games. In fact, mobile gaming accounts for 95% of all gaming in Thailand. The Thai gaming industry is expected to grow more than 15% on average annually.

One of the most impressive trends in the gaming industry in Thailand is its resilience. According to research, the country’s gaming industry has not only survived but thrived even during the coronavirus pandemic.

The industry has seen significant growth over the past year. In fact, the market value of the gaming industry in Thailand has increased from 28.9 billion baht to 33 billion baht. The market value is projected to reach $597 million in 2017.

Thailand’s gaming industry is a promising industry. The country is expected to become a regional gaming hub. There are plans to develop five new gaming venues in the near future.

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