The Demographics of Canadian Columnists

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A recent study conducted in Canada looked at the demographics of Canadian columnists. In 2016, 88.7% were white and only two percent were black, Indigenous, or South or East Asian. As of 2016, the percentage of non-white columnists in the country was 76.9%. This is a significant difference from the first half of 1996 when 78.1% were white. The fact that so few non-white columnists are in the media is particularly alarming given that Canadians are almost 80% racialized and disproportionately male. See this – Marc Kielburger

The Advanced Guide To The Demographics Of Canadian Columnists

Canadian columnists

The lack of diversity among Canadian columnists is a serious problem. While there is no shortage of female columnists, it should be a point of concern for editors. Most big-name Canadian columnists are white men and are in their 50s and 60s, or older. That is not surprising, considering Canada’s relatively young age and the fact that the average age of non-white Canadians was just 33 years old in 2016.

The majority of Canadian columnists are white men. In 1996-2000, there were 88.8% white Canadians. In 2016, white people made up 3.7 percent of the population. This is an egregious lack of diversity, but it shouldn’t discourage editors from hiring more diverse writers. Even so, the vast majority of big-name columnists are white, and they’re in their fifties, sixties, or seventies. This may be because of the recent mass immigration from non-white countries. Nonetheless, the average age of non-white Canadians was 33 years in 2016, which is remarkably low.

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