Self Closing Industrial Swing Gate

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Having an industrial swing gate in place at all access points is a common requirement of OSHA regulations. This prevents accidental uncovered openings, dangerous gaps, and other hazards that could cause harm to workers or other people. In addition, the swing gate helps to protect valuable property.

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Self closing industrial swing gate are a cost-effective safety solution that provides permanent protection for workers. They are also a simple solution to protecting walkways, stairs, and other areas.

They are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. They also have a variety of different features, including a tension adjustment tool, adjustable swing direction, and adjustable length.

The GuardDog Industrial Safety Gate is designed to match the heights of OSHA guardrails, providing maximum coverage for all openings. It can be used in virtually any location, including industrial and construction sites, and on mezzanines, elevated platforms, and stairways. The gate is powder coated in yellow or food-grade stainless steel.

BlueWater Mfg.’s self closing safety gate has a spring-loaded, positive-stopping mechanism that provides workers with an easy, hands-free means of moving through openings. The gate also features an adjustable spring torque mechanism that helps to control return speed.

EGA swing gates are available in three different models. The EGA model offers easy adjustment by simply extending the tube of the swing gate. It also includes standard mounting hardware that is compatible with square tubing and round pipe.

YellowGate swing gates are a cost-effective solution to protecting openings. They come with adjustable swing direction and length, allowing for the protection of passageways as large as sixteen feet.

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