Questions For Marriage Green Card Interview

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questions for marriage green card interview

Whether you are filing for a questions for marriage green card interview through USCIS at a consulate abroad or adjusting status in the United States, the officer conducting your interview will want to determine that your marriage is genuine and not entered into solely for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits. In order to do so, the officer may ask a variety of questions focusing on the history of your relationship and your life together as husband and wife.

The officer may also ask about the details of your wedding ceremony and reception (who attended, any interesting or embarrassing events, etc.), any children you have, how often you and your spouse vacation together, hobbies and interests, if you have special religious rituals that you follow or specific holidays that you celebrate, daily routines, schedules, household chores, shopping habits, food preferences, sleep patterns, what you like to do for fun on the weekend, and more.

Cracking the Code: Top Questions for a Successful Marriage Green Card Interview

Additionally, the officer will likely inquire about where you live (apartment, house, condo, single family home), who owns it, how much the mortgage or rent is, how many people are living in it and who pays for what bills, compass direction of front door, whether the furniture is shared between spouses, etc.

The list of questions in this article is not exhaustive; the U.S. official conducting your interview will ask a wide range of questions based on the circumstances of your case. Nonetheless, the information provided in this article will help you prepare for what to expect at your interview and enable you to answer questions confidently and convincingly. If you would like to discuss your specific circumstances and obtain professional advice for your impending interview, please contact our office.

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