Medical Billing Services

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Medical billing services are a valuable resource for healthcare practices that need to collect the money they deserve. Medical bills must be submitted to payers and patients, and the convoluted claims process can often linger for months before healthcare providers receive payment for their work. This is why many medical practices turn to RCM services, also known as medical billing companies, for help.

What is medical billing modifier?

During patient registration, which is also called check-in, medical billers verify a patient’s insurance coverage and determine whether procedures are covered under the patient’s plan. Medical coders then take this information and create a bill for the patient that will later be sent to the insurer. Medical billers are then responsible for a wide range of tasks, including submitting the claim to the payer, posting payments, sending patient statements and following up on delinquent accounts.

While a great medical billing service should have an excellent clean claims rate, it’s important to remember that this metric doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Be sure to ask a company how they measure clean claims rates, as some only count the number of accepted and paid claims, while others may include rejected or denied claims in their calculations.

The best medical billing services offer the convenience of integrated practice management software (PMS). This feature allows you to run reports at will within the included PMS and gives your practice a clear picture of its financial health. For instance, Kareo’s basic medical billing services are bundled with its EMR and PMS, making it an affordable option for small and independent medical practices.

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