How to Use CocoNara Hookah Coals

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CocoNara is one of the best charcoals on the market for a number of reasons. It produces minimal smoke so you can taste your shisha better and lasts longer than most other coals. This means you can spend more time smoking and less time worrying about replacing your coals.

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In addition, CocoNara charcoal is made from natural coconut shells, making it eco-friendly and free of chemicals. It is also easy to use and can be found in a variety of styles. CocoNara coconut coals are available in briquettes, flats, and cubes that are ideal for most hookahs. They are also available in a unique shape designed for use with heat management devices such as the Kaloud Lotus.

To use CocoNara charcoal, simply place the briquettes or flats on an electric coil coal burner and wait for them to turn red. Be sure to flip the briquettes over occasionally to ensure they are heating evenly. Once the coals are hot, they are ready to be used in your hookah. Check this out :

CocoNara has also created a line of quick light coals for those that aren’t interested in waiting long for their charcoal to heat up. These coals can be easily lit with a lighter and come in a box of 120 coal pieces. Be sure to use proper handling techniques when handling lit coals as they can burn a person or damage surfaces. This includes using tongs or a coal carrier when transporting them.

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