How to Use a Scam Email Address Lookup

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scam email address lookup

Whether you’re a company or a scam email address lookup are a threat to your security. Hackers can purchase stolen login credentials from the Dark Web and disguise them as legitimate email links to services you trust like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. When you click the link or download an attachment, hackers can steal your information and take over your account.

A scam email address lookup can help you recognize a suspicious email address before clicking any malicious links or revealing your personal information. There are a few tools to use, but BeenVerified is one of the best known for its ease of use and extensive public data. There are also other search engines that focus on a specific type of identity or background check, such as Social Catfish which specializes in verifying identities on dating websites and social media.

Protect Yourself Online: How to Use Scam Email Address Lookup to Avoid Falling for Scams

Be sure to check the ‘Reply-To’ and ‘Return-Path’ headers in an email message. This can indicate if the email is a forgery or if it originated from the site that appears in the headers. This is especially important if you are responding to an email from a university or other institution where it would be unusual for the reply-to field to not match the sender.

Other red flags to watch out for include:

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