Heavy-Duty Casters Wheels

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Heavy-duty caster wheels are made of a variety of materials. They can be made of cast iron, ductile steel, phenolic, nylon, or polyurethane. It is important to select a wheel material that will support the weight of the item it is attached to. The wheel material must also be non-marring or the wheels will become damaged or scratch the floor.

Why do you put casters in water?

Heavy duty casters wheels are widely used in manufacturing facilities. They are essential for aircraft assembly lines, automobile manufacturing, and heavy equipment manufacturing. They enable workers to move heavy parts with ease. Regardless of the type of manufacturing process, heavy-duty caster wheels make manual work easier. Many of these wheels can support up to four thousand pounds of weight.

Heavy-duty caster wheels are available in a variety of styles and materials. Some of them have locking mechanisms to keep the caster from rolling. The locking ones can be used on a variety of types of furniture, including plant stands, bookshelves, and toy bins. Some are even equipped with brakes to keep the device stationary.

Heavy duty casters are available in rigid, brake, and swivel models. Each model has a weight capacity of up to 2400 pounds. Heavy duty casters come with a 5.5mm top plate and double welded legs. For added strength, heavy-duty casters are also available with a dual-row bearing.

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