Engine Diagnostics in Kansas City

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If your vehicle’s Check Engine light has turned on, you may be wondering why it happened and how you should proceed. The ASE-certified technicians at I – 70 Auto Service can retrieve your car’s trouble codes, get to the bottom of what is wrong, and fix it quickly so that you can resume driving safely.

Does AutoZone do free check engine diagnostics?

A vehicle’s engine diagnostics are performed by a computer that monitors a number of sensors throughout the engine and vehicle. When the sensor readings indicate a malfunction, the ECU or engine control unit sets off the “Check Engine” light. Engine diagnostics Kansas City system was introduced to vehicles in 1996, and the second generation known as OBDII can detect and record many different problems in addition to monitoring emissions.

Established in 1999, Otto Service provides car repair and maintenance solutions for clients in Kansas City. Its mechanics perform preventive maintenance, tune-ups, state inspections, and battery replacement. They also diagnose and fix powertrain issues, including drivability problems like slow-cranking or rough idling. In addition, the crew cleans air ducts, fuel systems, and transmissions and replaces valves, engines, and alternators. Its technicians have over six decades of combined technical experience. The shop recycles used oil and antifreeze, and uses eco-friendly cleaners. It is an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop. It is a member of the National Automotive Components Association and supports a local family-run food bank. It also sponsors an annual Park Hill High School vehicle safety seminar.

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