Boric Acid Vaginal Remedy

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Historically, boric acid has been used as a vaginal remedy to help treat vaginal infections. It is an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial compound. It can be found naturally in volcanic areas of North America and Europe. It is also used in topical products, such as creams and suppositories.

How long does it take boric acid to balance pH?

When using boric acid vagina suppositories, you must use them according to the instructions. This includes washing your hands before inserting the suppository, using an applicator, and ensuring the area is clean. It is important to keep your vagina clean, as the acid can cause irritation. It may also interact with vitamins and other medications, so you should discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Boric acid is a safe and effective treatment for many vaginal infections, including bacterial vaginosis. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

In addition to preventing and treating bacterial vaginosis, boric acid can help treat other vaginal conditions, such as Candida glabrata yeast infections. It has also been shown to relieve urinary tract infections. It is a natural, inexpensive treatment, and is available over the counter.

The typical dosage of boric acid vaginal suppositories is one suppository every night at bedtime for 7 days. For younger children, the usual dosage is one every night for three days. The dose can be adjusted depending on the infection. It may take more than seven days to completely relieve the symptoms of a bacterial vaginosis infection.

There are other treatment options available, such as probiotic supplements and topical flucytosine. These are recommended if you are suffering from recurrent infections.

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