Benefits of EV Charging Point Markings

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vehicle charging point markings

With EV sales on the rise it’s becoming increasingly important that businesses and organisations provide their visitors, customers or employees with facilities to recharge their vehicles. With car park markings that clearly identify electric vehicle charging bays drivers can make the most of these specialist spaces without having to search for them or risk occupying a space that is meant for an EV driver.

Vehicle charging point markings  that are designed to indicate EV charging points include the EV symbol, a green background colouring and sometimes specific icons that help to distinguish these spaces from other parking areas within a larger car park or multi-storey. They are often combined with a reserve or EV Only sign to prevent regular vehicles from parking in these spots.

Navigating the Charge: The Importance of Vehicle Charging Point Markings

Improved Visibility: Having clearly marked EV charging bays can help drivers find these spaces easier, especially in large or confusing parking lots and garages. This can make it more convenient for EV drivers to charge their vehicles, which can boost the number of people using these facilities and encourage them to use EVs rather than fossil fuelled cars.

Safety: Having clear markings can help to reduce the number of accidents that may occur in car parks that have EV charging stations. The EV charging station markings can alert other drivers to maintain a safe distance when driving past a car that is plugged in, helping to reduce the likelihood of collisions and other accidents.

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