Adding Marijuana Delivery to Your Retail Dispensary

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Marijuana delivery is a great way for your retail dispensary to add a new sales channel. Adding delivery services increases your operational costs though, so you’ll need to make sure the additional revenue you’ll generate is going to outweigh the extra expenses of hiring and maintaining a fleet of drivers and supplying them with vehicles. It’s also important to do some market research and customer behavior analysis to determine if this is a good fit for your shop.

In addition, implementing marijuana delivery will require you to implement and adhere to state laws regarding delivery service operations. For example, some states have requirements for employee wages and product hand-off protocols during the deliveries. Other states have specific vehicle and driver safety requirements. For example, in New York you can only carry up to 3 ounces of marijuana and you must keep your products secure while on the road. And in Massachusetts, you must have body cameras on your vehicles for deliveries.

Cannabis Convenience: Exploring Marijuana Delivery Services in Vancouver

As a result, it’s important to consult with compliance experts to determine the best delivery business model for your dispensary. The pizza shop and ice cream truck models are common for cannabis delivery, but there are other options as well.

Once you have your delivery model and operating procedures in place, you can begin attracting customers to your marijuana delivery service. And you can do this by creating a website or mobile app where customers can order their desired products.

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