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IPQS Phone Number Validator API

Phone Number Validator IPQS’ phone number validator helps you check the validity of any check phone carrier to ensure they can be reached at any time. The tool identifies any typos or outdated numbers in your contact database and lets you know about them before they cause problems for your customers. Using an automated phone verification service can save your company a great deal of time and money, since you do not have to spend hours double-checking each number on your list one by one. It will also help you reach your customers with the right information at the right time to avoid potential delays and wasted communication effort, which could result in lost revenue. Why You Should Check Your Phone Carrier: The Importance of Accurate Carrier Data The IPQS phone number validation API performs risk analysis on phone numbers in real time to prevent chargebacks and suspicious payments. It provides a combination of carrier details, line type data, and risk analysis to help you analyze a phone number’s reputation and identify high risk users, bots, or spam accounts. User Verification IPQS also supports user verification of phone numbers, ensuring that you only send messages to people who have given their explicit consent to receive them. This validation uses a numeric code to confirm that the owner of a phone number is actually available to receive text or voice messages. Reputation Analysis The IPQS phone number validator also maintains a large database of reputation data to identify numbers that are associated with abuse and other bad behavior. This data can be used in conjunction with other services such as email address validation and proxy or VPN detection to verify the identity of any number.

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